Maybridge Chemical / Thermo-Fisher, Hit-Finder collection.
The Maybridge Hit-Finder is a 14,400 Compound Cluster based library, selected using a two-stage process of filtering from the entire Maybridge heterocyclic compound collection.

First stage filtering was done based on Lipinski's rule of five, producing about 200,000 compounds. From this set, a Pharmacophore Fingerprinting process was used and a cluster analysis was done. The central compound from each cluster and all singleton compounds were selected to the Hit-Finder Set. This selection process gives a selection of drug-like compounds that, once a hit is found, have on average 10 more closely related compounds that may be screened for follow up work prior to any synthetic work being required.

The CGSC currently has a copy of the Hit-Finder Set in both 96 and 384-well format, Our stock is at 100 µm concentration, which will typicaly give 1 µm assay concentration.
Stocks also exist at 10 mm and 1 mm in 96-well format.

Information on the compounds is available locally through our chemical inventory server as well as through the Maybridge site.